PeeMDe Global Cassovar
About us


The company was founded in March 2006 as a subsidiary company of GLOBAL GROUP. We started as three-member team in the Košice office, today we have more than 20 people in our team and we are preparing a new company’s headquarters for a significant increase of specialists.


We believe, that among our main strengths, belongs the ability to provide all necessary works by direct performance of our own personnel. The execution of an investment intention “under one roof” saves time, money and effort, but above all it leads to complex and optimal solutions. The execution process is always perceived as continual process leading to a result which is unbroken and where the individual parts communicate maximally with each other and the surrounding environment. Because of that we provide true complex service in the field of initialization, preparation and development of investment intentions.

Among our main strengths belong:

  • effective appreciation of investment intention
  • long-term knowledge of Slovak investment environment and market on which we act
  • experienced team of people with extensive expertise and local experiences
  • sensitive approach to the environment
  • modern practices and innovative ideas
  • responsibility and professional care
  • dead-line discipline


We focus on the locality of Košice city, and surrounding regions (Košice region, Prešov region). The composition and professional representation of our personnel was and still is connected closely to this region and therefore the professional experiences are well supported also by inconsiderable knowledge of local relations, mentality and personal relationships. The technical, professional and capacity equipment makes it possible for us to provide our service also for clients in different localities. However, based on our philosophy, we always consider these requests very seriously and professionally in order to be able to provide services on the same high level which is characteristic for us in Košice region.

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